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The Beauty of Buying Vintage.

Vintage items add character and uniqueness while providing a history that cannot be found with mass-produced items. Vintage decor is a great conversation starter and will infuse your space with heritage, style, and legacy. Vintage items, both in home decor and fashion have a quality and craftsmanship that cannot be duplicated in today’s fast-manufactured society. Most importantly, upcycling “old and discarded” items, is a sustainable way to shop and is a great way to be earth-friendly.


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How to Restore an Antique Table (named Oscar)


Welcome to our homes.

We have a combined love for new and old, and as you meander through our homes, you will see our passion for a home well-loved.  In our decor, we are naturally drawn to a healthy mix of vintage with modern, and old with new.  We hope you appreciate the coziness and balance of incorporating pre-loved items into your homes, as we have into ours.