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conscious living

About Us

Edesl & Iris is a company that curates home decor and apparel pieces with a focus on quality over quantity. We hand-select every item and choose our pieces based on uniqueness, practicality, and beauty. We intend to help you create your own vintage home in a way that is relevant for you.


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Behind Edsel & Iris

Our passion for a home well-loved and well-lived was inspired by our grandparents. Their home was filled with hard-working homeware, well-worn china, and quilts handmade by our grandmother. 

Their walls were sparsely adorned with art mixed in among family photos. Their furniture was well-crafted yet threadbare, where many friends had sat through the years. Their home was welcoming, comfortable, and cozy.

Their home was vintage long before “vintage” was cool. Their lives could best be described as sustainable and earth-friendly long before that was a movement.

Here at E&I, we long to make our home(s) feel as cozy as our grandparents’ home once felt. We also hope to do our little part to sustain the earth. That is why many of our decor choices are reused, refurbished, and recycled – a shift to a conscious lifestyle. We aspire to make earth-friendly choices when possible. We love to thrift, attend auctions, and refurbish pieces when possible -something we learned from our parents growing up.  Their creative ingenuity is the reason we are who we are today.  We imagine them today encouraging us in our endeavors, proud of our accomplishments.  

We are sisters and friends. 

Scandinavian roots and the love of our American heritage are the driving force behind Edsel & Iris, which, like us, is a work in progress.

As sisters, we have a combined passion for making our homes a cozy respite away from a busy world. 

Follow us as we curate vintage, found and new items that we hope will find a way into your home.

~Carla, Roxy, Dawn & Ally

You are your own super power. It’s time to harness that power for good.


Some fun facts...

01 I’m Never without

My apple watch and fave red lipstick

02 I’m Probably Listening to

A good murder mystery podcast

03 Favorite Travel memory

My coach retreat in the Bahamas

04 You’d be Surprised to Learn

I once went to culinary school

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